Mission, Vision & Values

our mission

Contribute to develop life-changing medications for Filipino patients from all walks of life and turn clinical trials that will increase the impactful medical research output of the Philippines on par with advanced countries into triumphs.

our vision

To enable the Philippines to become a leader in healthcare by providing access to cutting-edge medical treatments and devices through high-quality clinical research services.

our values

We strive to create an environment of innovation, collaboration, and excellence that will enable us to improve healthcare and patient outcomes in the Philippines, and beyond.

We declare and commit to upholding the Pi Health Mission:

philippine impact

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of Filipinos by contributing to the development of life-changing medications and conducting clinical trials that will yield more impactful medical research output for the Philippines.

pharmaceutical impact

We are committed to cultivating the future leaders of the healthcare industry. We strive to demonstrate the capabilities of our young and passionate employees and empower them to make a meaningful difference in the clinical research field.

personal impact

We are committed to our employees' physical and mental wellbeing. We believe in creating an environment in which our employees can thrive, and we provide them with mentors and resources to help them reach their highest potential.

Through this commitment, we strive to make a lasting impact in the lives of Filipinos, the healthcare industry, and our employees.