March 14, 2023

PiVOT celebrates 4th Anniversary on Pi Day

Four years ago, this day marked a special milestone in the history of PiVOT. On March 14, 2019, funding for the company was provided. With its founders having an affinity for the transcendental number Pi – with its infinite representational matrix of circles, spheres, life, planet earth, and the Philippine Islands – PiVOT set off on a journey to make its mark in the healthcare industry.

Fast forward to today, PiVOT has grown tremendously and has become an integral part of the Clinical Research industry in the Philippines.

Last March 10, 2023, PiVOT held its first General Assembly to celebrate in advance its 4th anniversary. With almost 90 attendees present at the event, it was a heartwarming affair for all the employees and divisions in PiVOT. To encourage people to get to know each other better, attendees were grouped randomly so they could interact more with other employees.

PiVOT’s General Manager, Rodmar C. Pulido, kicked off Pi Day, welcoming everyone in attendance. He thanked everyone for taking the time to celebrate this special day.

Mr. Charles P. Suarez, PiVOT’s Clinical Trial Support Services Lead, shared how PiVOT started four years ago and evolved four years later. He also reminisced about all the challenges the company faced throughout its years in operation and highlighted all the successes it achieved along the way.

The celebrations started with an interactive twist on the classic Twenty Peso Bill game. Employees were encouraged to move around, say hi, and play Rock, Paper, Scissors. This was followed by the Human Scavenger Hunt, which had employees searching for someone in the room to learn exciting facts about them.

The festivities continued with a Quiz Bee – a collaborative game that tested everyone’s knowledge. Employees worked together to answer the questions correctly and were rewarded with exciting prizes.

One of the most exciting moments of the event was the launch of PiVOT’s new website. Led by Ms. Cheng Bigay, PiVOT’s Content Marketing Officer, the website was created to reflect the company’s unique personality and style as the leading and largest Philippine Contract Research Organization. With this launch, the world can experience a distinct, vibrant, and engaging online presence that perfectly represents the PiVOT-CRO brand.

The event then moved on to the raffle draw. Attendees were treated to a special “raffle ticket” where they could choose and take a slice of pie with numbers underneath. After all the pieces were taken, the winners were drawn, and the lucky few went home with amazing prizes.

Ms. Ivy Ibarrientos, a Clinical Research Associate, serenaded us with her beautiful and unique rendition of A Million Dreams.

The afternoon was full of excitement with a photo booth, Pi Health Mission signing and leaving heartfelt messages on the Freedom Wall.

Finally, the night capped off with closing remarks from Pi Health President Mr. Jajo Quintos. He reminded the PiVOT employees of the importance of the 3Ps – Passion, Pride, and Purpose. Mr. Quintos encouraged the team to always strive for excellence in all their work, to take pride in representing the Filipino flag, and to remember that their work aims to create a drug that will eventually save mankind. He reminded the team that even the smallest of actions could have a lasting impact on the world.

The 4th Anniversary celebration wouldn’t be complete without properly acknowledging all the hard work and dedication that the PiVOT employees have put in to make the company successful. The event was an excellent opportunity for employees to bond and celebrate, and we are proud that we made it through these last four years.

Here’s to another successful year at PiVOT!

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