April 22, 2024

PiVOT Celebrates 5th Anniversary with PINNACLE 2024: Charting the Future of Clinical Research in the Philippines

PiVOT, the Philippines’ leading and largest Contract Research Organization (CRO), commemorated its 5th anniversary with a landmark event: PINNACLE 2024. Held on April 19th, 2024, at The Fifth at Rockwell, Makati, PINNACLE 2024 served as a premier gathering for the clinical research industry in the Philippines.

The exclusive half-day event brought together key stakeholders, including top Principal Investigators (PIs), international speakers, representatives from Regulatory Bodies, and other leading figures. This esteemed group convened to discuss critical topics shaping the future of clinical research in the Philippines.

Insights from Industry Experts

PINNACLE 2024 was a platform for prominent industry figures to connect and chart the course for Philippine clinical research. Newly appointed General Manager Ella Mae Ortega welcomed guests and shared PiVOT’s journey to becoming the largest CRO in the Philippines.

(Ella Mae Ortega, PiVOT’s new General Manager, delivering her Opening Remarks)

PINNACLE 2024 wasn’t just about celebrating PiVOT’s success; it was a platform for discussing the exciting future of clinical research in the Philippines. The event featured insightful presentations by industry experts.

(Mr. Ray Ong from MirXES: “Liquid Biopsy: Bringing a new paradigm to Cancer and Drug Biomarkers Development”)


(Mr. Carl Nicholas Ng from Verge: “Healthtech’s Potential for Philippine Clinical Research”)


Ms. Anna Ordinario: “The Road Ahead for Clinical Trials in the Philippines


(Panel Discussion)

Collaboration is Key

A central theme of PINNACLE 2024 was the importance of collaboration within the Philippine clinical research industry. Jajo Quintos, President of PiVOT, emphasized this point in his closing speech: “We need to bring together the various stakeholders of this fast-growing industry so we can discuss how to move our industry forward!”

(Joaquin E. Quintos IV encouraging the different Clinical Research stakeholders)

The Philippines: A Rising Star in Clinical Research

The event also shed light on the Philippines’ exciting potential as a global leader in clinical research. Mr. Quintos highlighted the country’s numerous advantages, including a large population, a skilled medical workforce, and cost-effectiveness for sponsors. He noted the significant interest PiVOT received at the DIA Global Conference, showcasing the growing awareness of the Philippines’ capabilities.

Learning from Success Stories: The BPO Industry Model

Drawing a parallel to the success story of the Philippine BPO industry, Quintos underscored the need for proactive action. “The CRO industry in the Philippines is where the BPO industry was 20 years ago. We can learn from their playbook and organize ourselves to capture this opportunity,” he remarked.

Harnessing Local Resources for Drug Development

PINNACLE 2024 also delved into the untapped potential of local drug development. The Philippines boasts rich biodiversity, offering a vast resource for potentially therapeutic applications. The event called for further exploration of these possibilities.

A Spotlight on Principal Investigators

(PiVOT’s Principal Investigators)

PINNACLE 2024 wasn’t just about looking forward; it also celebrated the accomplishments of those driving the industry’s success. A highlight of the evening was a recognition ceremony honoring PiVOT’s Principal Investigators (PIs) for their invaluable contributions in advancing clinical trials across the Philippines.

PINNACLE 2024: A Landmark Event for Philippine Clinical Research

PiVOT’s commitment to fostering a thriving clinical research ecosystem in the Philippines was evident throughout PINNACLE 2024. The event successfully brought together industry leaders, fostered collaboration, and celebrated the vital role of Principal Investigators. As highlighted by Jajo Quintos:

“Our goal is to start the discussion on how we can collectively build this industry into a powerhouse! A million-mile journey starts with the first step. Let’s take the first step now!”

PiVOT CRO group photo

(PiVOT team who successfully hosted another year of PINNACLE)

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