April 26, 2024

PiVOT to Showcase Philippine Clinical Trial Expertise at BIO KOREA 2024

BIO Korea International Convention is one of the biotech industry’s most important gatherings. Top biotech and pharmaceutical companies, alongside global CROs, come together each year. This convention has special importance for PiVOT as South Korea is a significant market for PiVOT, accounting for a substantial portion of our 2024 revenue goals. This dynamic country is a global leader in clinical research, consistently ranking in the world’s top 10.

BIO Korea 2024: Opportunities for PiVOT

BIO Korea provides a unique platform for networking. Here’s how we’ll leverage the event:

Meet Our PiVOT Delegates

We’re sending a team of experts to BioKorea, each with skills that are crucial for building partnerships and gaining valuable insights:

PiVOT Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng (Business Development): Secures contracts and nurtures client relationships.

PiVOT Cheng Bigay
Cheng Bigay (Marketing & Communications): Creates campaigns, develops marketing materials, and leads networking efforts.

PiVOT Kelvin Cometa

Kelvin Cometa (Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance): Provides in-depth regulatory knowledge and answers complex questions.


Risa Takatsu (Clinical Operations):
Offers insights into therapeutic areas and Philippine operations.

PiVOT’s Goal: Leading CRO in the Philippines

To maintain our position as the Philippines’ top local CRO, we need to stay visible on the global stage. Events like BioKorea are essential because nearly all our revenue comes from international clients. It’s the perfect platform to attract new partners, build our brand, and maintain strong ties with our existing Korean clients.

Let’s Connect at BIO KOREA!

If you are looking for a dynamic and capable CRO partner in the Philippines, PiVOT is here for you. We invite you to meet us at BIO KOREA 2024.

Contact us now to schedule a meeting!

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