March 14, 2023

PiVOT Launches New and Improved Website

We proudly unveiled our fully revamped website, designed to showcase PiVOT as the premier and largest Philippine Contract Research organization. Our new website offers an enhanced user experience with a modern design and easy navigation, so you can find the information and services you need quickly and efficiently. Explore our new website and experience the PiVOTal difference for yourself.


The Why The Philippines page now showcases that the Philippines is an increasingly attractive proposition for investors.

We have highlighted how the Philippines is an ideal destination for pharmaceutical companies seeking clinical trials and research, the latest Philippine Statistics, the current Clinical Trial Landscape, and our Registration Workflow.

And if you are looking for a reliable and trusted partner, PiVOT is your best choice, as we are the leading and largest Philippine CRO.


The new About Us page gives a comprehensive history of PiVOT, its meaning, our achievements in numbers, a preview inside our office, and our company history & milestones.

We have highlighted the Senior Management of PiVOT to demonstrate their credibility and competency. Their biographies include interesting personal details that give an insight into who they are and what drives them to success. By introducing the faces behind the company, we hope to build trust and encourage clients to work with us.

Our Services page is now divided into three pages: Clinical Trial Management, which highlights Drug & Device Trial Management, Post Marketing Surveillance, Real World Evidence, and PiVOT’s Therapeutic Experience; Clinical Trial Support Services, with tabs dedicated to Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, and Data Management; and another page dedicated to Other Services PiVOT has to offer.

We have updated our Career page so applicants can explore the amazing opportunities available, as PiVOT could become your career’s turning point.

This page will help make the CRA recruitment process easier for our HR and Project Managers while giving applicants a better understanding of life as a CRA. With this new addition, we hope to ease recruitment and ensure the perfect candidate is found for the job while providing an informational platform for a CRA career.

Here, visitors can learn what life is like working inside our company — straight from the people who know it best. They can look inside PiVOT’s culture through employee testimonials and testimonial videos. Hear the stories of our team members and the impact that PiVOT has had on their lives. Explore the experiences that make PiVOT a great workplace and see what it means to be part of the PiVOT family.

Our threefold mission is to drive Philippine Impact, Pharmaceutical Impact, and Personal Impact through PiVOT’s contributions to drug development and clinical trials for our fellow Filipinos to improve our healthcare system and for more meaningful medical research outcomes.

Philippine Impact
Through Clinical Trials, we are helping develop new medicines, vaccines, therapies, and medical devices to help these people’s lives. These small acts of research and discovery profoundly impact the country’s healthcare system, providing access to treatments that can save lives. As employees of PiVOT, we are helping to innovate and advance our healthcare, contributing to a brighter future for the Philippines.

Pharmaceutical ImpactWe are dedicated to cultivating the future leaders of the healthcare sector. We are determined to showcase the talents of our enthusiastic and committed staff and to empower them to impact clinical research positively.

Personal Impact
We are devoted to ensuring our employees’ physical and mental health. We strive to cultivate a work atmosphere that allows our staff to prosper, and we provide them with mentors and tools to assist them in attaining their maximum potential.

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