July 10, 2023

PiVOT Raises the Philippine Flag at DIA 2023 Conference, Putting the Country at the Forefront of Global Clinical Trials

In a remarkable display of success and achievement, PiVOT proudly raised the Philippine flag at the prestigious DIA 2023 conference held in Boston, Massachusetts, last June 26-June 29, 2023. This groundbreaking event has put PiVOT on the map and brought the Philippines to the forefront of the global clinical trials industry. The event showcased the company’s commitment to excellence and its significance to the field of clinical research.

What sets PiVOT apart from other exhibitors at the conference is its unique marketing strategy. Instead of solely promoting the company itself, PiVOT took the opportunity to showcase the beauty and potential of the Philippines as a thriving hub for research and development in the clinical research industry. This approach not only captured the attention of conference attendees but also gained praise and recognition for its innovative and forward-thinking approach.


Visitors to the PiVOT booth were impressed by the company’s dedication to representing their home country. Many of these visitors had Philippine heritage and had achieved remarkable success in the field of Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. They expressed pride and joy in seeing their homeland represented in such a prestigious event.

In addition to the warm reception from attendees of Philippine descent, PiVOT also received positive feedback from those foreign attendees who had already visited the Philippines in the past. These individuals shared their experiences of the country’s natural beauty and expressed their admiration for the potential it holds as a destination for clinical research and development. Additionally, they indulged in the delightful offerings from PiVOT’s booth of famous Philippine treats and items such as Mango Balls, Nagaraya nuts, Polvoron, Butterscotch, Bamboo Straws, Hand fans, and more.

One particular booth visitor, who works in a multi-stage investment management company specializing in providing seed funding to startups and leading private, IPO, and follow-on financings for its portfolio companies, shared her awe at the Philippines’ entry into the clinical trials landscape. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, she admitted that she had never had the opportunity to collaborate with the Philippines before.

What impressed her the most was when PiVOT’s Business Development Head, Joseph Cheng, informed her about the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) inspection of many sites in the Philippines, all of which had passed the stringent audit. This certification not only speaks volumes about the quality and compliance of clinical trials conducted in the country but also positions the Philippines as a trustworthy and reliable partner for global pharmaceutical research.

Joseph further emphasized the similarities between the United States and the Philippines when it comes to their diets and resulting health issues. This shared aspect allows pharmaceutical companies to find clinical trial participants in the Philippines who exhibit similar health problems to those in the United States but without the high costs associated with American clinical trials. The Philippines, therefore, becomes an ideal location to increase patient diversity and provide valuable insights into the efficacy and safety of new drugs and treatments.

One of the highlights of Joseph Cheng’s interaction with the booth visitors was when he debunked a myth raised by a booth visitor regarding the requirements for conducting clinical trials in the Philippines.

The visitor had mistakenly believed that in order to conduct a clinical trial in the Philippines, the Informed Consent Form (ICF) needed to be translated into 13 different dialects, which would take a significant amount of time. Joseph was quick to clarify that this was not true, stating that the ICF only needs to be translated into the local language where the trial is being conducted.

Joseph’s clarification was not only informative but also highlighted PiVOT’s commitment to ensuring efficient and effective clinical trial processes. By providing accurate information about the requirements in the Philippines, PiVOT continues to position itself as a trusted and reliable partner for both local and global clients.

By raising the Philippine flag at DIA 2023, PiVOT has not only showcased the country’s potential but has also paved the way for more opportunities in the global clinical trials arena. As the demand for diverse patient populations and cost-effective solutions continues to grow, the Philippines stands poised to become a leading destination for cutting-edge research and development.

With PiVOT leading the charge, the future of clinical trials in the Philippines looks brighter than ever. As the company continues to break barriers and push boundaries, it is destined to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare and pharmaceutical advancements not only in the Philippines but across the globe.

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