April 17, 2023

PiVOT’s Business Development Head to Host GLSA Networking Event for the Month of April


The Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA) has announced that it will be hosting another GLSA | FOCM Virtual Networking Event this month. This time, the guest speaker will be Mr. Joseph Cheng, Business Development Head at PiVOT. Mr. Cheng will be sharing his insights on the Advantages of Clinical Trials in the Philippines.

Clinical trials are essential to developing and testing new drugs and medical devices. They help determine the safety and efficacy of these products, which is crucial in ensuring that they can treat patients safely and effectively. The Philippines has become a popular destination for clinical trials in recent years, and Mr. Cheng has extensive experience in this area.

For the GLSA | FOCM Virtual Networking Event, Mr. Cheng will share his insights on why the Philippines is an attractive location for clinical trials. He will also discuss the benefits of conducting clinical trials in the Philippines, including the country’s clinical trial landscape, its large patient population, and its highly skilled healthcare professionals.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for professionals in the life sciences industry to gain valuable knowledge about Clinical Trials in the Philippines. Attendees will also have the chance to expand their professional network by connecting with other industry experts and leaders.

The GLSA is an organization that is committed to promoting collaboration and innovation in the life sciences industry. By hosting events like this, the GLSA is helping foster a sense of community among industry professionals and facilitating sharing of knowledge and expertise.

If you’re interested in learning more about clinical trials in the Philippines and expanding your network in the life sciences industry, be sure to attend the GLSA | FOCM Virtual Networking Event featuring Mr. Joseph Cheng. This event promises an informative and engaging experience you won’t want to miss.

See you there!

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