March 24, 2023

#WomenArePiVOTal Campaign


It’s International Women’s Month, and PiVOT is proud to launch the #WomenArePiVOTal campaign to raise awareness of the role of women in clinical research and the advancement of healthcare in the Philippines.

As women, we are leading the way in healthcare and clinical research, and it’s incredibly important to recognize their contributions and celebrate their success. The healthcare and clinical research sector is often seen as a male-dominated field. This means that women’s voices and perspectives are often not heard when it comes to making decisions about healthcare and clinical research. However, in recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of women leading, innovating, and making breakthroughs in this field.

At PiVOT, we believe that the more diverse voices we have in the conversation, the better decisions we can make about healthcare and clinical research. We are committed to creating an environment where women are empowered to take part in clinical research. We have ensured that women are represented in our clinical research studies and in our team. 

Our goal is to inspire and celebrate the accomplishments of women in the healthcare and clinical research sector. We want to create an environment in which women can feel empowered and inspired to make a difference in this field. We also want to encourage more women to pursue leadership positions in healthcare and clinical research and to break down the gender-based barriers that exist in this industry.

We believe that diverse and inclusive perspectives are essential to making decisions that are good for society. We are proud to launch this campaign and recognize women’s important role in healthcare and clinical research in the Philippines.

Join us in celebrating women’s great work and accomplishments in clinical research and healthcare in the Philippines, and help us raise awareness for their contributions by using the hashtag #WomenArePiVOTal.

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